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Roots – 7-11’s

What is Roots and who is it for?
Roots is the best way to begin the weekend! It’s a great place for young people (Junior school years 3-6) to make friends, play games, take part in activities and learn about Jesus from the Bible.

What happens at Roots?
We usually begin by having a head-2-head challenge game that’s lots of fun! Then we gather together and learn about the good news of Jesus from the Bible. Afterwards, we head into the main hall, where there are big games and activities to do. We then finish off the evening with some hot chocolate and a chat!

You can read more about what we do and who is involved in our social story.

When and where is Roots?
We start at 6:30pm and finish at 7:30pm every Friday night (except during school holidays).
We meet in our church hall on Dundonald Road.

During the final half term of the Summer we will take the children up to Sudley Field if the weather is good. You can find more information about that here, and our Risk Assessment for Roots on Sudley Field here.

What does it cost?
Absolutely nothing! It’s free!

What are you doing about Covid?
We carefully plan Roots so that children who come are kept safe. You can find our Covid Risk assessment here and our contingency plans here.

Impact 11-18’s
Friday Nights (Term Time)

What is Impact and who is it for?
Impact is our church youth group that runs on Friday evenings and Sunday Mornings. It is for any young person, aged 11-14, and 14-18, who is interested in Christianity and it’s claims.

What do we do at Impact?
Impact is designed to help equip any young person to better understand the Bible – with the hope that it may be believed and shared.

We do this by looking at the Bible together and seeking answers to the big questions that young people have about Christianity and the world we live in. We also play games, chat about our week and drink lots of hot chocolate.

We also have ‘Socials’ like laser quest & spring city, ‘Event Nights’ that are competitive and loads of fun, as well as an annual weekend away to help deepen our friendships within the group.

When does Impact start and where will it be?
Impact currently meet in the church hall at 7:30 – 9:00pm on Friday nights.
Impact + currently meet in the church hall at 8:30 – 10:00om on Friday nights.

We also meet on Sunday Mornings to prepare for church over breakfast at 10:00 – 10:45am in the Lower Hall.

Impact 14-18’s
Friday Nights (Term Time)

When does Impact + start and where will it be?
We currently meet in the church hall at 8:30 – 10:00pm on Friday nights.

We also meet on Sunday mornings at 10:00 – 10:45am to prepare for church over breakfast in the Lower Hall.

Watch the latest videos from online Impact


Rich Grindey
Rich GrindeySafeguarding Officer

We are committed to providing a safe and caring environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults. The policy and guidelines linked below cover all church work with children, young people and vulnerable adults. [Please note that external groups hiring the hall are responsible for their own safeguarding arrangements].

Reporting Concerns

If you have any concerns about the safety or wellbeing of children, young people or vulnerable adults in the church or its activities please report them, using the Cause for Concern form at the back of the Safeguarding Policy, as quickly as possible to Tommy Farrell. In his absence, or if the concern involves the Safeguarding Coordinator, then please contact Sally Beyer.

If the suspicions implicate both the Safeguarding Co-ordinator and the Deputy, then the report should be made in the first instance to our safeguarding partner, ThirtyOne:Eight, telephone: 0303 003 11 11.

Alternatively contact Social Services or the police.

Always call 999 in an emergency or where there is risk to life.

Sally Beyer
Sally BeyerDeputy Safeguarding Officer