At the centre of the Christian faith are the historical events of the life of Jesus Christ.   Jesus claimed, and the gospel writers record in the New Testament, that he was more than just a man.  Jesus claimed to be God in flesh, come not only to show us who God is and what he is like, but come on a rescue mission to live a perfect life and die a sacrificial death in place of sinful humanity.  This claim of Jesus is outrageous and incredible, but it doesn’t come without evidence. Instead his claims are backed up by his miracles and his teaching, recorded for us in the pages of the New Testament and even talked about by other historical sources from the time.

Now these claims are either true or false.  If they’re false we should go on our merry way and not give a second thought to them, but if they’re true it changes everything because divine Jesus demands our worship and our trust.

If you were brought up in the UK it’s likely that much of what you’ve heard about Jesus was in RE lessons at school.  RE lessons where most of us were told that the Bible was full of errors and Christians got to heaven by being good people. But the truth is both of those claims are total rubbish.  The Bible far from being full of errors is a remarkably reliable document, unlike any other ancient or religious text we have, and Christians have never claimed that good people get let into heaven because their good outweighs their bad, because that would mean Jesus’ death on the cross was at best unnecessary.

So let me encourage you to pick up a Bible and read again one of the accounts of Jesus’ life from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John and to come along to church to hear the Bible explained and taught.  We also run regular courses and events for people enquiring about the Christian faith. Those are not “hard sell Christianity” trying to manipulate people into believing (perish the thought) but rather opportunities to ask questions, hear from Jesus himself in the pages of the Bible so you can consider carefully and thoughtfully the claims he makes for himself, and on us.

One of those course we run regularly is called Christianity Explored and here’s a really simple summary of the Christian message they have put together which you can watch here.

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