Daisy First Aid provides emergency life saving first aid classes for parents and carers, as well as training to handle common illnesses and accidents.

Our classes provide parents and carers with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in an emergency situation.

Classes are fun and relaxed with no tests or role plays. Children under 12 months / pre-walking are welcome to come along.

To book a space, please go to : www.daisyfirstaid.com/widnes

🔷️ 1hr BABY BASICS 🔷
Perfect for anyone that is expecting a baby, has recently had a new baby or is coming up to the weaning stage and wants to learn the basic life saving skills of:

▪︎Assessment of an unconscious casualty
▪︎Baby CPR
▪︎Baby Recovery Position
▪︎Baby Choking
▪︎Febrile Convulsions (Seizures)

The techniques taught are suitable from newborn up to 12 months.

Suitable for anyone who cares for children of any age. Parents, grandparents, babysitters, family friends ect

This class is also suitable for anyone who works with children (non OFSTED registered) who is looking to gain a Duty Of Care certificate.

In just over 2 hours you will learn about;
▪︎Unconscious casualty
▪︎Recovery positions
▪︎Resuscitation and CPR
▪︎Head injuries
▪︎How to use a defibrillator
▪︎Febrile seizures
▪︎Anaphylaxis and allergies

Daisy First Aid complies with the high standards set by Resuscitation UK, HSE and leading first aid societies, St John’s Ambulance, Red Cross and St Andrews First Aid. For more information visit www.daisyfirstaid.com