Starting Tuesday 16th August at 1pm

Hello, welcome to Acting With Claudia, a drama association based in south Liverpool driven to build a happy safe environment for young aspiring actors ranging from ages 8-18.  I want to call out to actors with passion to guide them through their journey on how to work in the professional acting industry and train you to be successful during your career.  If you have no experience and want to try something new that’s great too! I want to be individual to each person and challenge them based on their natural ability. I also want invite people who simply enjoy acting  as an extra activity and give encouragement to build confidence in a child to better their future in what ever path they make take.  Giving basic acting skills to the younger generation naturally improves social skills and gives them a chance to use their creative mind and showcase them selves as strong independent performers!

For more information, please contact Claudia at: and follow them on Instagram at: @actingwithclaudia